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I have always wanted to source the best ethical and non-toxic products, and sell them in one place. I founded Miyu & Wolfe in 2018, hoping to create partnerships with amazing sustainable brands. Over the next year, we will be sourcing a range of beauty and wellness products, all naturally and locally sourced and all vegan. Join us on the journey…


Our Roots

Miyu & Wolfe was founded in 2018, with an aim to source the most stylish and quality jewellery from around the world and sell it in one place. All pieces sourced are handmade, ethically created and of the highest quality, made from gold and silver. Our goal in 2019, is to increase variability and open an independent store in the UK. Join us on our journey to grow M&W.


Our Products

All jewellery is made in Bali and inspired by art and nature from all over the world. Sketches on paper are made in Amsterdam, after which the design is discussed with craftsmen in Bali to ensure the creation of refined jewellery. Each piece is carefully created by local men and women who have been educated and passed on knowledge within their families.


our mission

By 2020, we aim to stock a range of brands with products that are all vegan and ethically sourced