Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Tips


1. Goal setting – Yes I know; everyone says it is important to set goals but that is because it is isn’t it? I know that when my productivity is lacking, I set goals for that day and I end up getting so much more done, but why are goals so important? Well goals give you a sense of direction and they also highlight all the tasks you need to get done for that day, making you essentially more productive right? If goal setting is your thing, I am going to write a post on how to set SMART goals and ensure that you achieve them, so stay tuned.

2. Planning – Once you have set your goals, you can plan on how you will achieve them. Planning can be as vague or as detailed as you want to make it, but I suggest that the more detailed your plan, the easier it is to stay productive as you have a clear vision of your goals. I like to use massive paper or a whiteboard to construct my plans on and I always make them look good. Once you have completed your plan, get on with it!

3. Accountability buddy – The best way to keep your motivated and productive is to get yourself an accountability buddy. This can be anyone that is in the same position as you and ideally doing similar tasks to you. It is great to chat to someone with similar interests about your goals and plans and how to best achieve your goals. Exploring new ideas together can encourage motivation, productivity and achievement.

4. Learning – When you have learnt something new in the past, has it made you feel motivated to want to learn and do more? Learning something new is a great way to boost your motivation and productivity. This does not have to be expensive either, learning does not have to involve expensive courses, you could read a new book or listen to a podcast. The more you learn, the more you will want to do.

5. Balance – Don’t forget that being productive requires you to keep your life balanced. When you are planning your goals, add a few activities to do during the day or week to keep yourself active, motivated and productive. When I first started FBC, I was working all day every day and this really had a massive impact on my productivity. I noticed that I could work for a whole day and then feel demotivated the next. When I started to balance my days, I became so much happier and more motivated. I was spending time with my friends and family, but would look forward to the time spent on making my business a success, therefore balancing is key!

Sapna Dosa